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TatukGIS Releases the GIS Internet Map Server for Windows

February 10, 2006

TatukGIS announces the commercial release of the TatukGIS ASP.NET Internet Map Server product for Windows®, with a trial version and samples. A trial version is available for download from the TatukGIS web site. This is the full Internet Server product, based on the latest version of the TatukGIS GIS engine and supporting the same object API and same 2,300+ functions and properties as the TatukGIS Developer Kernel toolkit product. For product details, refer to the Internet Server product page.

TatukGIS also announces the latest update (version of its GIS Internet Server LITE product. The improvements provided in this IS LITE update include enhanced stability, much improved speed with SQL database layers, support for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005, and support for additional data formats, e.g., GML, VPF, CADRG, IMG, JPEG2000, TatukGIS PixelStore 2, Geomedia SQL Server and Access Warehouse, and a number of DTM formats.

Furthermore, TatukGIS now includes a perpetual development license for both the full IS and IS LITE products with each TatukGIS Developer Kernel (ActiveX) license. DK-ActiveX licensed developers can now install and run the IS or IS LITE indefinitely in development mode, and purchase an IS or IS LITE license only upon deployment. This presents GIS server solution developers with two options: i) purchase an IS license from the start or ii) purchase a DK-ActiveX license to access the IS for development only and then purchase an IS license when time for deployment.

The full GIS Internet Server and IS LITE products are licensed per server. For the present time, the license fee remains $2,000 for the full Internet Server and $590 for the IS LITE.

Interactive IS and IS LITE mapping samples, with the source code for each sample, can be reviewed on-line.