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TatukGIS Releases the manageable DK.NET for Windows Forms

March 27, 2006

TatukGIS has released a new version of the GIS Developer Kernel toolkit supporting .NET manageable code for WinForms.


  • The DK.NET supports the .NET 1.1 framework and is compatible with .NET 2.0.
  • The full set of approximately 45 DK download samples are ported to the DK.NET in C# code. The same samples will be provided in VB.NET during the next few weeks.
  • The DK help files have been ported to manageable .NET.
  • A DK.NET trial version will be available later. Until that time, the DK-ActiveX trial version is available for evaluation.
  • The DK.NET supports the same API and set of functions and properties as the DK-ActiveX and DK-VCL versions of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel product.


The DK.NET license price is $1,490 per developer, which includes access to e-mail support and product upgrades for one year. Until May 30, DK-ActiveX customers wishing to move their development to the DK.NET may purchase a DK.NET license, for use by the same licensed developer, with a 50% price discount.

TatukGIS stresses that it also continues to support and upgrade the DK-ActiveX product for the benefit of customers who prefer not to change from the ActiveX technology at the present time. TatukGIS is offering its customers the option to move to manageable .NET code, but is not forcing this move.

TatukGIS now offers its comprehensive GIS development toolkit product in three versions: i) ActiveX control, ii) manageable .NET component, and iii) native Delphi/C++Builder VCL.