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Support for IBM DB2 Spatial Extender & Informix Spatial DataBlade

November 22, 2011

TatukGIS announces support for the IBM DB2 Spatial Extender and IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade formats in its Developer Kernel (SDK) Enterprise edition, desktop GIS Editor, and free GIS Viewer products. Like with other 3rd party spatial database formats, the support is direct (without use of any middleware) and includes:
  • Reading/writing/editing vector map layer geometry and attributes.
  • Creation of new tables and importing data into the tables.
  • Use of spatial operators for server-side spatial queries (based on the DE-9IM model).
  • Utilization of server side spatial indexes.
With the addition of the IBM formats, TatukGIS now supports the following 3rd party spatial database server formats:
  • Microsoft SQL Spatial
  • Oracle Spatial/Locator & Oracle GeoRaster
  • ESRI ArcSDE & ESRI SDE Raster
  • MapInfo SpatialWare
  • PostGIS
  • IBM DB2 Spatial Extender
  • IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade
Support for DB2 Spatial Extender and Informix Spatial Datablade will be added to the TatukGIS Internet Server in the next upgrade release of this product.