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TatukGIS Version 5.0 Beta

November 26, 2000

TatukGIS began beta testing Version 5.0 of both the TatukGIS developer kernel and the TatukGIS Internet Server (IS). The major improvements incorporated in Version 5.0, relative to the earlier 4.20 version, are listed below. TatukGIS looks forward to offering Version 5.0 for sale in early February.

  • Full support of SQL database
  • New projection and datums support
  • Improved speed
  • Improved E00 & MIF handling
  • Improved editing
  • Improved TIFF and JPEG handling
  • Many other small improvements

  • New Active X support (specific to the GIS Developer Kernel)

  • New PNG support (specific to GIS IS)
  • New API, with more than 200 methods and properties (specific to the GIS IS)