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Ticket-oriented support system

April 06, 2010

Effective 6th of April, TatukGIS switched to a ticket-oriented system for the support email box in order to better manage an increasing number of support emails.
How it works:
  • all emails sent to support will receive an unique ticket number
  • a conformation email with a ticket number will be sent back to customer immediately
  • the ticket number will be used to track the correspondence and to assign the query to an appropriate TatukGIS staff member for follow-up
Form the customer perspective:
  • the system change is transparent - just report technical problems to TatukGIS Support as usual
  • for a better manageability, we ask customers to report only one problem per email; this allows each problem to be handled by a different team member to improve response time
  • do not cross-post email to multiple TatukGIS e-mail addresses - send support email only to Support 
 TatukGIS plans to later implement the same ticked-oriented system for the Sales email box.