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TatukGIS releases the Developer Kernel v. 6.0 upgrade

November 08, 2001

TatukGIS released today version 6.0 of the Developer Kernel (DK), which represents a major product upgrade. The 6.0 upgrade approximately doubles the number of functions and properties supported, to a total of over 2,000. Version 6.0 was released as a Borland Delphi/C++ Builder/Kylix VCL library. The DK ActiveX compatibility is still under development, and ActiveX support will be introduced with the next DK upgrade (v. 6.1) in early 2002.


The following is a list of the most significant new features added with the v. 6.0 upgrade release. (Refer to the DK product description for a full product specification.)


  • Support of Borland Delphi 6
  • Preliminary support for Borland Kylix
  • Reading TAB, DGN, and DXF formats
  • Support of OGIS SQL-based vector coverages
  • OGIS conformance; WKB, WKT
  • Improved compression support for TIFF files (uncompressed, packbits, group4)
  • DB2 database support
  • Layer transparency factor
  • Support for TrueType, CGM Clear Text, CGM binary symbols
  • Support of practically any international language character set
  • R-Tree support (enhances routing functionality)
  • Custom rendering
  • Improved help file system, tutorial

DK product upgrades, such as this one, are available to licensed users for no additional charge during the first 12 months following purchase.