Editor - FGIS Features


Per user and includes one year of product updates and email support.

Main Features

Features listed below are unique to the FGIS plugin, i.e., in addition to, or customizations of, the standard features of the TatukGIS Editor.

  • Update shape measurement fields
  • Show shape measurements
  • Search for Township/Range/Section in a US PLSS layer
  • Generate Cruise (sample) Points
  • Add Traverse Points
  • Customizable data input form
  • Spatial Selection dialog
  • Bookmarks
  • Send map to Word document
  • Make backgrounds of orthophotos and DRG topo images transparent
  • Field List Manager
  • Subtract polygon
  • Drill polygon
  • Populate field values
  • Clip vector layers
  • Merge vector layers
  • Buffer dialog
  • Convert points to polygon or line
  • Image catalog tool
  • Routing and GPS tools
  • Repath project file
  • Summary statistics
  • Fully customizable interface

Additional Ease-of-Use Features

  • Save project
  • All layers on
  • All layers off
  • Unhide all layers
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons
  • Zoom to forestry-specific scales
  • Select last shape
  • Hide (layer in Legend)
  • Change display name (of layer)
  • Save all layer edits
  • Abort all layer edits
  • Convert measurements tool

User Interface Language

  • English
Partially Translated to:
  • Portuguese
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Thai