Flexible and Extendable Architecture

ItacaMap for Android is composed of a WMS server developed using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel with Isapi Web Broker technology (Delphi) and a "rich" client developed in Java/Delvik. The client communicates with the server through a simple XML based protocol. This architecture allows programmers to easily develop extensions to the communication protocol, adding and/or modifying features and functionalities as needed.

Network architecture of ItacaMap for Android.

Rich User Experience

ItacaMap for Android makes use of web technologies that maximize performance. On the server side, implementation as an Isapi module delivers superior performance relative to scripting (PHP, Perl), ASP.NET, or Java solutions. On the client side, the design as native Android application delivers a particularly fluid and graphically attractive mobile user experience.

Google Maps Integration

Integration of the Google Maps API gives the user the ability to visualize his own GIS data over satellite or road maps. This also exposes all other features of Google Maps, such as address geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, etc.


A tablet application developed with ItacaMap for Android to display cadastral maps. Vector
maps are presented as a semitransparent layer(s) over road imagery from Google Maps.


Sources and Samples Included

ItacaMap for Android is provided with the complete client source code. The server source code is available for purchase upon request.

Support and Custom Development

Based on customer skills and requirements, ItacaSoft offers a customized package of technical assistance. Moreover, ItacaSoft can develop your project and deliver your customized solution. Please, feel free to present your objectives and requirements to ItacaSoft technical staff.


Screenshots of "Geologia Italia", a free Android application developed with the
ItacaMap for Android, available for download at Google Play.