Developer Kernel

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) is a professional grade, comprehensive GIS software development kit (SDK). A Developer Kernel product edition is available for just about every development platform to custom develop GIS applications for just about every operating system:

  1. Delphi/C++Builder library for FMX and VCL frameworks, to develop Windows (32 and 64 bit), macOS, iOS, and Android applications
  2. Fully bytecode JVM jar library for Java Swing framework, to develop Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) applications
  3. Fully .NET CIL for WinForms and WPF frameworks, to develop Windows (32 and 64 bit) applications
  4. ActiveX control, to develop Windows applications
  5. ASP.NET Web Forms component, to develop Web applications

Each Developer Kernel edition shares the same comprehensive object oriented API for GIS development, incorporating 750 classes and 19,000 documented methods and properties, offering multi-platform optionality. Application source code is highly similar across technologies. (See comparative code example.)

Features include native support for more than 70 geospatial data formats compiled into the DK library, dozens more formats supported via external drivers, powerful legend and visual layer property controls, 5,000 predefined coordinate systems, on-the-fly layer reprojection, extensive vector and pixel operations, raster analyses, and general compatibility with industry standards. Each GIS SDK edition is licensed as a standard version and an Enterprise version supporting advanced spatial databases including PostGIS, Oracle Spatial and GeoRaster, Microsoft SQL Server Spatial, and ESRI ArcSDE.

Licensing is per developer and free of deployment royalties and run-time fees.

A FMX application created with the DK for Delphi edition, running on iOS, Android, and macOS.
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