Developer Kernel for ASP.NET

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel for ASP.NET (DK.ASPNET) edition is a managed code .NET SDK for custom web GIS development. The SDK supports the Web Forms framework and is designed for C#, VB.NET, Oxygene, and other .NET compatible development languages.

Support for HTML5 technology enables smooth, multi-touch compatibility with leading web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux on desktop and mobile devices). Rich client-side drawing and editing can be customized using the included JavaScript API. Deploying to a production server, including cloud services, is a simple 'copy file' deployment.

The DK.ASPNET contains the same professional grade object API as other Developer Kernel product editions, except for differences reflecting the different technologies. Shared API and source code similarity across DK editions enables portability between development platforms and operating systems.

The DK.ASPNET edition is available as a standard version and Enterprise version with advanced third-party spatial database extensions.

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