License, Support, Upgrades

The full TatukGIS license agreement is available to download as PDF.

License Summary

A Developer Kernel (DK) license grants one person (typically a software developer) a perpetual right to use the licensed version of the product. Use includes accessing or manipulating the DK functionality, libraries, or source code to perform application development, debugging, testing, or similar activity.

Each licensed user must be registered to the DK license in the TatukGIS customer database. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure each person using the DK is accurately registered with TatukGIS to a purchased license.

The DK may be used on a build machine (a computer dedicated to performing software compilations - also sometimes referred to as continuous integration or unattended build) if use of the DK on the build machine is restricted to registered DK licensed users. An unlicensed person may not use the DK libraries/source code on a shared computer.

The owner of a DK-developed application must be DK licensed, even if the product is developed by a 3rd party (such as a contract developer).

DK licensing is free of deployment royalties or run-time fees, with limited exceptions:

  1. The DK may not be used to create a development product, such as a SDK (or component) that can be used by other developers, or any application that exposes the DK product's API such as via scripting or web access.
  2. The DK may not be used to develop an application that is directly competitive to the TatukGIS Editor product. This means the DK cannot be used to develop a general-purpose GIS data editing application with features similar to the TatukGIS Editor which is targeted to the general GIS user market, or which is significantly detrimental to license sales of the TatukGIS Editor. This restriction is not applicable to use of the DK to develop specialized applications designed for a particular company, industry, purpose, or type of user, or to fulfill requirements for which the TatukGIS Editor is not designed.

Trial Version Limitations

  • A DK trial version may be used only for testing and evaluation purposes. Use of the trial version for commercial development or to create a prototype application for marketing purposes is prohibited.
  • The DK trial period is 21 days starting from the date it is downloaded.
  • An application compiled with a DK trial version can be executed on a machine on which the DK trial version has been activated.

Otherwise DK trial versions are fully functional.

Support and Update Maintenance

DK license maintenance is on an annual subscription basis and includes download access and rights to use the latest available version (updates and upgrades) of the product, access to TatukGIS email technical support, and write-access to the Question & Answer resource. New features, improvements, and fixes of bugs discovered in a current or previous product version are provided in the next (or a future) release version.

A DK license purchase includes 12 months of maintenance. Renewal of maintenance for each additional 12-month period is optional and costs 40% of the current license price if performed by the scheduled maintenance expiration date, 60% of the license price if performed within 12 months following the maintenance expiration date, and 80% of the license price thereafter. Maintenance renewal transactions involving multiple licenses of the same DK product edition qualify for volume price discount.