The free TatukGIS Viewer is a general-purpose desktop GIS viewer application that can also be used to create sophisticated map projects from existing data. Licensed as freeware, the Viewer is useful for deploying GIS data and projects to final users and for creating map projects for use in the TatukGIS Editor product or any custom application developed from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel. As a DK developed application, the free Viewer can be useful for evaluating the DK's performance and support for many features and data formats. As with other TatukGIS products, the free Viewer is updated regularly.

Data Viewing

Directly opens and renders (without import or format conversion) 75+ geospatial industry vector, image, grid, and database layer data formats, and map projects composed of such data.

File formats: SHP, MIF, TAB, GML, KML, JSON, DXF, DGN, DWG, GPX, OSM, Lidar XYZ, CSV, S57, VPF, CADRG, GeoTIFF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, MrSID, ECW, IMG, PLY, GRD, FLT, BT, and others
Database formats:  PostGIS, Oracle Spatial & GeoRaster, MSSQL Spatial Server, ESRI ArcSDE & ArcSDE Raster, IBM DB2 Spatial Extender, Geomedia, OpenGIS SQL Layer, and others

Support for web tiles and WMS/WFS/TMS/WMTS standards enables streaming maps or data from the web or remote sources. TatukGIS hosted OpenStreetMap web tile server makes available to users this detailed world map layer.

Other viewing related features include scale and north arrow controls, measurement tools, attribute data grid table integrated with SQL query builder, spatial query and selection tools, and printing high resolution maps to PDF.

Map Projects

Opens, customizes, creates, and saves sophisticated map projects that may comprise layers of different data formats and coordinate systems. Comprehensive visual layer properties and legend controls enable customizing the appearance of each layer, adding and removing layers, organizing sublayers and layer groups, setting the project coordinate system, and other aspects of the map appearance. Features include advanced labeling, use of symbology for points, lines, and fills, 700+ item SVG symbols library, unlimited line style possibilities, color ramps, pie and bar charts, transparency, thematic/choropleth maps, and dynamic shape aggregation for simplified viewing of large datasets. Opens some map projects created by 3rd party products.

Coordinate Systems

5,000+ predefined coordinate systems with EPSG codes and OGC WKT definitions, 150+ projections, user defined coordinate systems, automatic layer coordinate system recognition, and on-the-fly vector/raster layer reprojection.

Advanced Analysis & Operations

Layer statistics, vector and raster data classification methods, and dynamic shape aggregation for simplified map presentation are exposed in the visual layer property control.


The GIS Viewer is the same as the TatukGIS Editor product except for omitted features relating to:

  • Editing, creating, and saving/exporting data
  • Scripting IDE (the Viewer cannot be modified or extended with plug-ins)
  • Advanced analysis and operations features
  • 3D visualization
  • Vector and raster layer rectification

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