Editor / Viewer Features

  Editor Viewer
Licensing: Per user + Free lic.
Support with license purchase    
12 months product upgrades/updates +  
12 months email technical support +  
Operating Systems
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10 and Server 2003, 2008, 2012 & 2016. System requirements same as for the Windows operating system.
+ +
32-bit (runs also on 64-bit versions of Windows) + +
64-bit + +
Directly open/render (without import) 75+ vector, raster, and database layer formats + +
Streaming WMS, WFS, TMS, WMTS layers or web tiles from a remote source (such as via the web) + +
Open, create, edit, save multi-layer map projects (also opens projects of some 3rd party products) + +
Layers of multiple formats and coordinate systems together in same project + +
Legend control (panel) to organize layers and layer priority, hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-projects + +
Visual layer property control for all aspects of the map appearance (colors, styles, polygon fills, outlines, symbols, labels, transparency, coordinate system, etc.) + +
Render map geometry, styles, labels, symbols, etc. based on scale + +
Built-in line style editor providing unlimited line style possibilities + +
R-tree spatial indexing for best performance with huge vector files + +
Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality + +
GPU rendering and high resolution 4K monitor support + +
Progressive background rendering vector/raster basemap layer(s) + +
TatukGIS hosted worldwide OpenStreetMap tiles (use as background layer) + +
Labels and Symbols    
Advanced labeling (dynamic label placement, overlap avoidance, multi-field, HTML formatting) + +
Unicode support for all foreign language characters + +
CGM and TrueType symbols for points, lines, and fills + +
700+ item SVG symbols library, S57 nautical symbols library + +
Printing, Presentation Tools, and Misc. Features    
Printing to PDF (for high resolution of any map view) + +
Standard printing from HTML image with limited resolution + +
Template based printing with ability to add new print layouts +  
Measurement tools for distance, area, perimeter + +
Flexible program user interface language options + +
Advanced attribute presentation table + +
Pie and bar charts + +
Scale control + +
North arrow control + +
Mini map window + +
Map hints (displays information about any map feature under the cursor) + +
URL hotlink feature (links map object via URL to any web site, document, or mailto) + +
Multiple hotlinks to a single map object + +
Thematic mapping using color value themes, ramps, etc. + +
Create, edit, and export GPX layer for import to GPS device +  
Real time GPS device and emulator connectivity using NMEA standard +  
GPS tracking on projected map, automatic map rotation option +  
Pipelining to set up and run a series of geoprocessing operations (a free plug-in) +  
Layer statistics for any layer type (a free plug-in) +  
Coordinate Systems    
5,000 geographic & projected coordinate systems predefined (incl. all U.S. State Planes) + +
Custom (user-defined) coordinate systems from 150+ projections & 900+ datums + +
EPSG codes and OpenGIS WKT definitions + +
Layer coordinate system recognition (with PRJ file support) + +
Reprojection of vector/raster layers, on-the-fly + +
Rotation of vector/raster layers, on-the-fly + +
Layer export to new coordinate system (with PRJ file) +  
Layer rectification    
Rectify & georeference vector/image layers to a coordinate system +  
Rectified output generated on-the-fly and instantaneously visible +  
1st, 2nd, and 3rd order polynomial transformation methods based on GCP points +  
Reference layer support with second map window +  
Merge/mosaic multiple aerial images into a single image file +  
Rectification process can be driven with scripts +  
Vector Operations & Data Editing    
Geometry creation, editing, and saving +  
Attribute creation, editing, and saving +  
Visual editing +  
Export vector layer geometry and attributes to supported formats, with PRJ file generation +  
Export geometry based on extent, spatial selection or buffer, attribute query, and/or shape type +  
Export/import attribute data to/from spread sheet, database, or text file based on spatial or attribute query +  
Import x,y points data from CSV file as vector points layer with attributes +  
Spatial query by point, line, circle, rectangle, polygon, buffer, & custom clipboard layer, using DE-9IM model +  
Attribute query with SQL Query Builder tool +  
Translate vector layers between data formats +  
Merge multiple vector layers into a single vector file +  
User-defined layers to read/write data from almost any source +  
Special shape drawing tools: rectangle, rotated rectangle, quadrilateral, circle, right angle, freehand drawing +  
Create/update vector shapes by importing x,y coordinates from text file, spreadsheet, or WKT representation +  
Simplification and smoothing +  
Triangulation +  
Voronoi/Delaunay charts +  
Unions and splitting polygon, line, and multi-point shapes +  
Topological operations: buffers, intersections, unions, etc. +  
Topology builder/corrector to test for and systematically clear geometry errors from vector map layers, e.g. overlapping polygons, holes between polygons, missed line intersections, dangling nodes +  
Pixel Operations, Raster Analysis    
Pixel layer manipulation (brightness, transparency, histograms, etc.) + +
API framework for advanced pixel operation & raster analysis feature implementation +  
Vector-to-grid interpolation for Kriging, IDW, Splines, and heatmaps +  
Viewshed and above ground level (AGL) analysis, with OpenCL enhanced computation (a free plug-in) +  
Fresnel zone analysis, with OpenCL enhanced computation (a free plug-in) +  
Slope analysis (a free plug-in) +  
Contour line generation and saving from grid layer (a free plug-in) +  
TIN-to-grid conversion +  
Terrain profile +  
Raster dataset creation and editing +  
Spatial querying +  
Filters +  
Export layer or map view to image file: GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, or PixelStore with PRJ, World File, and TAB registration file generation +  
3D Visualization    
3D vectors +  
3D vector adjustment (False or Scale setting for Z & M values) +  
3D objects texturing +  
MultiPatch 3D Geometry Type +  
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) presentation +  
Draping vector/raster layers over DTM +  
Flood simulation +  
Light & shadow control +  
Camera/Scene control (zooming, rotation) +  
Flyover scene record and playback +  
Volumetric line and points rendering +  
Edit 3D shapes (Z and M coordinate values) +  
Database Support    
Vector layer storage in database +  
Raster layer storage in database +  
Engines: Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, Interbase, Firebird, MySQL, Sybase, Advantage, SAP DB, SQLite, MSJET/MDB (x32 only) +  
SQL and Spatial database layers: read/write geometry and attributes, create tables and import data, use spatial operators for server-side spatial queries, utilize server side spatial indexes +  
Joining vector map layer to database (ADO/ODBX/dbExpress) +  
SQL database layer Connection Wizard +  
Scripting Support    
Fully scriptable (Pascal & Basic) IDE (exposing the full TatukGIS Developer Kernel API) to modify or extend the default functionality (as a plug-in), including full menu redesign, custom dialog boxes, specialized features, custom routines, command line interface, etc. +  
No third-party development environment required +  
Plug-ins easily deployed to Editor users +  
Dozens of free, ready-to-use Pascal and Basic source code plug-ins providing useful customizations and advanced features. (Plug-ins are available under menu Tools/Tools Manager.) +  

Data Formats

The Editor and Viewer support reading each the data formats listed below, and both products can create and modify TatukGIS project files. The Editor additionally writes and saves data to more than 35 of the formats. A comprehensive, up-to-date list of supported layer formats with detailed information about supported operations, operating systems, and required drivers (if any) is presented in the documentation wiki.

  • Vector file formats including: CSV, DLG, DGN, DXF, DWG, E00, GDF, GML, GPX, GSHHS, JSON, KML, LandXML, LAS, MIF, OSM, PLY, SDTS, SHP, S57, STL, TAB, TIGER, UDF, VPF, WFS
  • Vector database formats: ESRI Personal Geodatabase, ESRI File Geodatabase, Geomedia Access Warehouse and SQL Server Warehouse, OpenGIS SQL, TatukGIS SQL
  • Vector formats via external providers: FME, GDAL/OGR
  • Pixel file formats including: ADF, BIL, BMP, BT, CADRG, DEM, DT, FLT, GIF, GRD, IMG, JPEG, PNG, SDTS, STRM, TIFF/GeoTiFF, UDF, WMS, WMTS
  • Pixel database formats: TatukGIS PixelStore (pixel and grid)
  • Pixel formats via external providers: FME, GDAL/OGR, MrSID, ECW/ECWP, JPEG2000.
  • Project file formats: TatukGIS, QGIS, MapInfo Professional, ESRI ArcExplorer, ESR ArcView 3, and ESRI ArcGIS/ArcMap 9/10 (using free Arc2TatukGIS plugin)
Enterprise-class database formats (included in the standard license)
  • Vector database formats: ESRI ArcSDE, Geomedia Oracle Object Model, Geomedia SQL Server Spatial, IBM DB2 Spatial Extender, IBM Informix Spatial Data Blade, MapInfo SpatialWare, Microsoft MSSQL Spatial Server (Katmai), Oracle Spatial/Locator, Oracle Spatial Point Cloud and TIN, PostGIS, Sybase SQL Anywhere Spatial
  • Pixel database formats: ESRI ArcSDE Raster, Oracle GeoRaster