Editor / Viewer Release Notes

Editor & Viewer also contains fixes & improvements from corresponding Developer Kernel releases


Editor/Viewer 5

See also: version 4 changelog


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Version: 5.29.0-Unstable2

Released: 11 September 2020

Version: 5.29.0-Unstable1

Released: 4 September 2020


  [EDT-3352]Possible AV error upon selecting shapes by a sql query (Core)

Version: 5.28.0

Released: 28 August 2020


Version: 5.27.0

Released: 31 July 2020


  [EDT-3351]Snap layer is reset after adding a new layer (Core)

Version: 5.26.0

Released: 27 June 2020


  [EDT-3349]Some samples web tiles projects (including TatukGIS OpenStreetmap servers) are limited by default to level 17 while there are more levels.


  [EDT-3350]Add multipatch shape type to options of layer export (Core)
  [EDT-3348]TatukGIS OpenStreetMap favourites to accept level 19, which is now served by TatukGIS servers (Setup)

Version: 5.25.0

Released: 29 May 2020

Version: 5.24.0

Released: 1 May 2020

New features:

  [EDT-3344]Enable print template designer in Print dialog box (Core)
  [EDT-3341]Korean translation (Resources)


  [EDT-3346]Some records are corrupted due to different fields order then in DK (Scripting)
  [EDT-3345]Elevation graph script doesn't check required layers (Core)
  [EDT-3343]TGIS_ShapeList and other list should have Intems[] property instead of Item[] (Scripting)
  [EDT-3342]Deploy .ttktemplate instead of .tpl (Setup)


  [EDT-3340]Improve translations of non standard messages (Setup)

Version: 5.23.0

Released: 27 March 2020


  [EDT-3339]Minimap range error when a map extent is in max Single range (Core)
  [EDT-3338]The split shape tool doesn't replace all selected shapes (Core)

Version: 5.22.0

Released: 28 February 2020


  [EDT-3336]Unable to stop grouping on data panel (Core)
  [EDT-3334]Redundant map invalidation upon opening a layer due to snap initialization (Core)

Version: 5.21.0

Released: 28 January 2020


  [EDT-3329]Split shape doesn't work if CS of a split layer and a layer are different (Core)
  [EDT-3328]Show active layer only option doesn't work on a sublayer (Core)
  [EDT-3325]Selecting lines from DXF in 3D mode does not work (3D)


  [EDT-3331]Update sil files translations (Lang)

Version: 5.20.0

Released: 27 December 2019


  [EDT-3326]Flashing shape from data panel does not work if layer is DXF or DWG (Core)
  [EDT-3324]Data panel for DXF & DWG sublayers is empty (Core)
  [EDT-3323]Baseplane transparency is reset after switching to 3D mode (3D,Core)

Version: 5.19.0

Released: 29 November 2019

New features:

  [EDT-3317]Enable DBX and FireDac database drivers (Core)


  [EDT-3320]Split shape doesn't work if CS of a split line and a layer are different (Core)
  [EDT-3314]Minimap view becomes distorted after using print preview (Core)


  [EDT-3319]Update Translations (Lang)
  [EDT-3316]Change translation tool to point to web service (Core)
  [EDT-3315]Improved translations from Translations Editor (edited and auto-translated) (Lang)
  [EDT-3313]Option to remove a not existing path from MRU list (Core)
  [EDT-3312]Coordinate system info on the status bar (Core)
  [EDT-3311]Scripts manager - show the full path of running scripts in a hint (Core)

Version: 5.18.0

Released: 25 October 2019


  [EDT-3310]Clone project tool doesn't work for new xml format (Core)
  [EDT-3309]Possible AV error upon merging an unknown layer (Core)

Version: 5.17.0

Released: 27 September 2019

New features:

  [EDT-3307]3DFlyOver script (Scripting)
  [EDT-3303]New Merge tool (Scripting)


  [EDT-3306]DelimitedTextFile fails to import a file (Scripting)
  [EDT-3305]Change of a snapping layer invalidates the viewer even if it's not in edit mode (Core)
  [EDT-3302]Topology builder locks the database during export (Core)
  [EDT-3301]Possible AV error upon moving a minimap in big zoom (Core)


  [EDT-3308]Add a tooltip with a unit filename in Scripter Studio (Core)
  [EDT-3299]Add name of the project to main Editor form's title (Core)


Edior/Viewer 4

See also: version 5 changelog


content truncated to last 365 days


Version: 4.59.0

Released: 29 grudnia 2017


  [EDT-3022]Shapefiles without codepage emebeded are always trates as 1252 while should be system code page dependent
  [EDT-3021]Cannot set a project file name during cloning a project (Core)


  [EDT-3024]Compile with DK 10.51.16

Version: 4.57.0

Released: 29 września 2017


  [EDT-3019]Compile with DK 10.51.14

Version: 4.56.0

Released: 22 września 2017


  [EDT-3018]Possible range error during copy and paste from Clipboard operations if clipboard layer is empty (Core)

Version: 4.55.0

Released: 18 sierpnia 2017


  [EDT-3017]Documentation does not use a proper template (Doc)
  [EDT-3016]Possible file access error upon drawing MiniMap when another Editor instance is running (Core)
  [EDT-3015]COGO data editing and conversion is not working correctly (Core)
  [EDT-3014]GML layers should not be in a FlattenXML mode because it causes compatibility issues with other GML readers (Core)