Editor / Viewer Release Notes

Editor & Viewer also contains fixes & improvements from corresponding Developer Kernel releases


Editor/Viewer 5

See also: version 4 changelog


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Version: 5.2.0-Unstable4

Released: 18 June 2018

Version: 5.2.0-Unstable3

Released: 15 June 2018


  [EDT-3108]Export to image fails to create grid layer file (Core)


  [EDT-3107]Update menu and toolbar items layout (Core)

Version: 5.2.0-Unstable2

Released: 8 June 2018


  [EDT-3106]Possible AV upon converting a shape type using clipboard (Core)
  [EDT-3105]Errors in third party components during changing layout of toolbars and menu (Core)
  [EDT-3104]Copy to clipboard adds invalid shapes uid values (Core)
  [EDT-3103]Template print error when the previous print process didn't finish (Core)
  [EDT-3102]Possible AV upon making a package of not saved script (Core)
  [EDT-3101]Select of filtered records from data panel freezes the app (Core)

Version: 5.2.0-Unstable1

Released: 1 June 2018


  [EDT-3100]Result of union on shapes from file is invalid (Core)

Version: 5.1.1

Released: 28 May 2018

Version: 5.1.0

Released: 26 May 2018


  [EDT-3098]Selecting by shapes finds wrong shapes (Core)

Version: 5.1.0-Unstable2

Released: 18 May 2018


  [EDT-3097]Scripter studio is not in running mode for new created script (Core,Scripting)
  [EDT-3096]Interpolation script - error when 'Source values' points to unsaved field (Scripting)
  [EDT-3095]Auto mode in the minimap control is not working (EDT)

Version: 5.1.0-Unstable1

Released: 12 May 2018


  [EDT-3093]Elevation graph script - Bad captions in labels (EDT,Scripting)
  [EDT-3092]Scripting - all manually attached events must be detached before script termination (Scripting)
  [EDT-3091]Improper unwiring of event handlers in an internal scripter code (Scripting)
  [EDT-3090]Interpolation script - field cannot be taken as the source of values (EDT)
  [EDT-3087]Possible AV upon switching from 3D to 2D during scene paiting (Core)
  [EDT-3086]Help button on Interpolation script is on wrong position (EDT)


  [EDT-3089]Unify help for map controls (Core)
  [EDT-3088]Change layout of the interpolation script (EDT)

Version: 5.0.0

Released: 5 May 2018


  [EDT-3085]Menu File/NorthArrow does not update graphic upon change (Core)
  [EDT-3083]Glyph library missed in setup (EDT,Setup)
  [EDT-3081]32bit dlls should be installed into x86 subfolder on Vista and newer (Setup)
  [EDT-3078]Temporary layer doesn't support 3D dimension (Core)


  [EDT-3084]Better logo to be be used in template prints (Ressources)
  [EDT-3080]Activate bug reporting function (Core)
  [EDT-3077]Update scripts information files (Scripting)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta5

Released: 30 April 2018

New features:

  [EDT-3071]Add SlopeMap script (EDT)
  [EDT-3069]Add TGIS_SlopeMap to the scripter (Scripting)
  [EDT-3068]Add Interpolation script (EDT)
  [EDT-3066]ViewShed utility script (Scripting)


  [EDT-3075]Script runtime error is not reported in design mode (Core)
  [EDT-3073]Multi select is not working in locate mode (Core)
  [EDT-3072]Clipboard operations fail to create a buffer (Core)
  [EDT-3065]Functionality related with selection on map is slow on big project (Doc)


  [EDT-3076]Improve Favorites management (Core)
  [EDT-3070]Add TGIS_EdtApiFunctions.ShowHelp (Core,Scripting)
  [EDT-3063]Do not uninstall Editor4 upon installation of Editor5, but do this with the Viewer (Setup)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta4

Released: 22 April 2018


  [EDT-3061]Import Editor 4 Favorites & last opened files list (Core)
  [EDT-3060]Select by circle doesn't clear canvas drawing when done (Core)
  [EDT-3059]Shapes are not selected correctly in 3D mode (Core)
  [EDT-3055]Add to scripting GisDB, GisDbAdo, GisDbSqlIte, etc (Scripting)
  [EDT-3054]Map is not refreshed after deleting a shape (Core)
  [EDT-3052]Selection panel doesn't show shape attributes (Core)
  [EDT-3051]Moving mouse across open main menu results somehow sluggish response (Core)
  [EDT-3050]Selections are slow (Core)


  [EDT-3064]Various problems with Clipboard based selection (Core)
  [EDT-3062]Run app at the end of the setup (Setup)
  [EDT-3058]VC++ 2008 redistributables are no longer required (Setup)
  [EDT-3053]Update map settings in Options form (Core)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta3

Released: 13 April 2018

New features:

  [EDT-3046]Add OpenCL interface (Scripting)


  [EDT-3048]Few missed samples added
  [EDT-3047]TGIS_VariantList an other lists inherited from TGIS_OBjectList does not work (Scripting)
  [EDT-3045]Export to image from minimap doesn't work (Core)
  [EDT-3044]Scale control is overlapped after docked form resize (Core)


  [EDT-3057]DirectX SDK installation is not longer required on Vista or newer (Setup)
  [EDT-3049]Replace global list of selected shapes with a layer SelectedList property (Core)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta2a

Released: 9 April 2018


  [EDT-3042]GUI Styling discontinued - does not work as expected (regression EDT-3040) (Core)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta2

Released: 7 April 2018


  [EDT-3036]Measure canvas drawing on map is slow (Core)


  [EDT-3041]Publish initial help file (Doc)
  [EDT-3040]GUI Styling discontinued - does not work as expected (Core)
  [EDT-3039]All samples & utils script updated to match API (but a bit more work required) (Scripting)
  [EDT-3038]Proper stdout stderr redirections in a console mode (Core)
  [EDT-3037]Enable TGIS_SpinEdit for existing scripts (on a deprecated) (Scripting)
  [EDT-3035]Point help to a new on-line web site (Doc)

Version: 5.0.0-Beta1

Released: 3 April 2018


Edior/Viewer 4

See also: version 5 changelog


content truncated to last 365 days


Version: 4.59.0

Released: 29 December 2017


  [EDT-3022]Shapefiles without codepage emebeded are always trates as 1252 while should be system code page dependent
  [EDT-3021]Cannot set a project file name during cloning a project (Code)


  [EDT-3024]Compile with DK 10.51.16

Version: 4.57.0

Released: 29 September 2017


  [EDT-3019]Compile with DK 10.51.14

Version: 4.56.0

Released: 22 September 2017

Version: 4.56.0-Unstable1

Released: 8 September 2017


  [EDT-3018]Possible range error during copy and paste from Clipboard operations if clipboard layer is empty (Code)

Version: 4.55.0

Released: 18 August 2017

Version: 4.55.0-Unstable2

Released: 11 August 2017


  [EDT-3017]Documentation does not use a proper template (Doc)
  [EDT-3016]Possible file access error upon drawing MiniMap when another Editor instance is running (Core)
  [EDT-3015]COGO data editing and conversion is not working correctly (Code)

Version: 4.55.0-Unstable1

Released: 14 July 2017


  [EDT-3014]GML layers should not be in a FlattenXML mode because it causes compatibility issues with other GML readers (Code)

Version: 4.54.0

Released: 30 June 2017


  [EDT-3011]Set column value - wrong value format allowed for numeric and float field type (EDT)
  [EDT-3010]COGO-360 tab on the SelectedPanel display wrong values (EDT)
  [EDT-3007]AV upon opening properties of WMTS layer (Code)

Version: 4.54.0-Unstable1

Released: 2 June 2017


  [EDT-3006]Checkbox Persistent Data Panel should be visible again (EDT)
  [EDT-3002]Project file should not contain any information about in-memory layers. (EDT)

Version: 4.53.0

Released: 26 May 2017


  [EDT-3005]Bad positioning of rotated font symbols if antialising is off (so always on print preview and printouts) (EDT)
  [EDT-3004]Closing DXF layer without making any changes should not execute dialog for saving layer. (EDT)


  [EDT-3003]Add System.Zip unit into scripter (EDT,Script)

Version: 4.53.0-Unstable1

Released: 12 May 2017


  [EDT-3001]No internet connection upon welcome panel (EDT)

Version: 4.52.0

Released: 28 April 2017


  [EDT-2999]Create Contour - fractional value should be allowed in Interval field. (Script)

Version: 4.52.0-Unstable2

Released: 14 April 2017

Version: 4.52.0-Unstable1

Released: 8 April 2017


  [EDT-2996] GetFeatureInfo should displayed information in nicer way(not everything in one line )

Version: 4.51.0

Released: 31 March 2017


  [EDT-2993]Wrong structure of ttkwp file generated in MapBox script (EDT,Script)
  [EDT-2992]Error in TGIS_PixalLayer.Locate function - Param1Rec was not initialized (EDT,x64)
  [EDT-2989]Distance value in Elevation graph script is calculated wrong and cause an error (Script)

Version: 4.51.0-Unstable2

Released: 24 March 2017

Version: 4.51.0-Unstable1

Released: 17 March 2017


  [EDT-2987]Map Tiles sample does not work if StartLevel > 0 (EDT)
  [EDT-2970]Saving the layer should save the layer configuration too.


  [EDT-2988]Extent and CS info added to ttkwp file generated in MapTiles script (EDT,Script)

Version: 4.50.0

Released: 24 February 2017

Version: 4.50.0-Unstable2

Released: 17 February 2017


  [EDT-2984]Symbol Viewer script should support more file extensions (Script)

Version: 4.50.0-Unstable1

Released: 10 February 2017


  [EDT-2983]Locate code optimized to avoid double querying against dataset (Code)
  [EDT-2982]GPS scripts should read data from native location services too (EDT,Script)

Version: 4.49.0

Released: 27 January 2017

New features:

  [EDT-2957]IdHTTP should be added to the uses list in Editor

Version: 4.49.0-Unstable2

Released: 20 January 2017


  [EDT-2980]Select by polygon - wrong area is selected (EDT,VWR)
  [EDT-2956]Package(sspkg) is filled after closing the editor, not during creation. (EDT)


  [EDT-2981]formSelQuery cleanup (EDT)

Version: 4.49.0-Unstable1

Released: 14 January 2017


  [EDT-2979]Select by query dialog and script SelQuery return wrong result (EDT,Script)
  [EDT-2978]Creating new layer when existing layer has unknown CS cause an error (EDT)
  [EDT-2976]TGIS_CompoundLayerVector - click on the area outside the map cause an error (Code)