Digital Chart of the World

This world map data set is extracted and customized from the Digital Chart of the World (DCW) data set and organized as a TatukGIS project. Layers are organized for each country separately, and for each state separately in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. The data for each country or state consists of six ESRI SHP file layers. The separate data sets can be assembled by database query to display together at higher level zooms. At multi-country region or country zoom levels, the data files associated only with that region or country are called, thereby enhancing performance.

The following customizations were performed to the original DCW data set:

  • Conversion from E00 format to SHP format
  • Data for the former USSR and Antarctica converted from other coordinate systems in the DCW dataset to the WGS 1984 coordinate system.
  • Country boarders updated to reflect geopolitical changes during the last 25 years, e.g., the creation of countries in the Balkan region, separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, creation of East Timor from Indonesia, etc.
  • Addition of a top view world map layer, with country boarders, country and continent names, capital cities, major bodies of water, etc., created from the DCW files for each country.
  • Organization of the data set as TatukGIS project (*.ttkgp project file) for ready use in TatukGIS products.

This dataset is unrestricted, so it can be freely deployed with any TatukGIS product or custom application developed from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel.