1. TatukGIS provides technical support only by e-mail, via the e-mail address.
  2. The product forums are for user-to-user communications. TatukGIS technical staff does not visit the forums on a regular basis.
  3. Contact TatukGIS support only using the e-mail address of the user log-in account to which the license of the TatukGIS product is registered in the TatukGIS system. E-mails received from unrecognized e-mail addresses are subject to confusion and will not be processed on a priority basis.
  4. Upon contacting, please provide detailed information:
    • issues related to application products, such as the TatukGIS Editor/Viewer:
      1. name of application and version
      2. operating system name and version, and whether 32-bit or 64-bit
      3. sample data if applicable,to enable TatukGIS to replicate the reported problem.
    • issues related to a development product, such as the TatukGIS Developer Kernel:
      1. name of product including edition and version
      2. technology being used (VCL, ActiveX, .NET, Compact Framework, etc)
      3. programing language (C#, Pascal, VB.NET, etc.)
      4. IDE version (VS2008, VS2010, RAD Studio 2010 etc.)
      5. operating system name and version, and whether 32-bit or 64-bit
      6. sample data if applicable, to enable TatukGIS to replicate the reported problem
  5. The e-mail address accepts emails with a size limit of 20MB. For larger files, please send the file using TatukGIS Upload.
  6. Please remember about the time difference between your location and TatukGIS:

    cet to gmt

Remote Support

In special cases (and only upon prior scheduling) TatukGIS provides remote support sessions. Once a remote support session has been scheduled with TatukGIS, do the following:
  1. Download: TatukGIS_RemoteSupport.exe (or for MacOS)
  2. Run it (and keep running, no installation is required)
  3. Send the ID/Password to
  4. After closing remote support, the application connection will be permanently terminated. Each session requires a unique ID/Password. We use technology - please refer to this web site for any security considerations. To avoid version conflicts, always use the version downloaded from the TatukGIS web site in step 1.

Sending e-mail to Support

In the event of a problem contacting TatukGIS support via e-mail (your e-mail is rejected or you believe that your e-mails do not pass our spam filter), use the alternative Send e-mail form.