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KB10183 - Quick way to learn about the DK visual layer property and legend controls.

The visual layer property control and legend control are shared features of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, desktop GIS Editor, and free GIS Viewer products. These controls provide settings to manage all aspects of the visual appearance of each map layer, including the layout, color, line thicknesses, polygon fills, labels, pie/bar charts, transparency levels, scale dependent rendering, layer hierarchy, etc., and the order in which the layers are rendered on the map.

An easy way to learn about the visual layer property and legend controls is use (and read about) these features in the Editor and free Viewer products. Refer to:

  • The helpfile for the visual layer property control in the Editor or free Viewer. The helpfiles are found under the Help/Tutorial menu.
  • The Editor Tutorial: Make a Map Project – Setting Visual Layer Properties, which is available on-line at: Editor Tutorials
Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: February 13, 2017