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KB10265 - Support for PNG format 'lostless' compression.

TatukGIS products (DK and Editor) support reading and writing the PNG image format (the free Viewer supports just reading), which can be very useful for lostless compression of imagery containing a limited number of colors (such as scanned maps). The term 'lostless' means the compression is without any degradation of image quality (so unlike JPEG compression).

Because, like JPEG, the PNG format is size limited, PNG lostless compression with very large image layers can be achieved by using a TatukGIS PixelStore layer with PNG selected as the internal format. A PixelStore-PNG layer can efficiently hold PNG format image data (such as a mosaic of many images) of practically any size (limited only by the database specifications). The TatukGIS Editor (or a DK developed application) can generate a PixelStore-PNG image layer to any TatukGIS supported database engine. The resulting PixelStore image can be opened in any TatukGIS product or custom application created from the DK component.

For more about TatukGIS PixelStore, refer to KB10830.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: December 30, 2015