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KB10281 - Encrypt or otherwise protect SHP files and raster image data distributed with a DK application.

The DK TGIS_LayerSHP.OnRead and TGIS_LayerSHP.OnWrite events enable light encryption of SHP files so the files will work only with a specific DK compiled application(s). The TGIS_LayerSHP.OnWrite event can be used to add encryption upon writing a SHP file. The result is only a DK application compiled with the same encryption feature can open the subject SHP file. Essentially method involves altering something with the SHP file to technically corrupt the file in a way so the SHP file will not open in any other GIS software program (including other DK developed applications). This provides a reasonable level of comfort that distributed SHP data can be used only with the intended DK application.

The DK SHP file Encryption source code sample, found in DK sample set #6, provides a good example how to use these events to protect SHP files.

Though the DK does not provide for password protection of SHP file layers, a DK developer can password protect access to the DK application.

Data can also be saved to a TatukGIS supported SQL database vector format and password protected using the SQL database product's password protection feature. This provides for the possibility to password protect the opening of specific map layers in a DK based application.

The TatukGIS PixelStore format can be used to protect distributed raster image data. Because PixelStore data is stored in MSJET, SQLite, or other SQL database product, any PixelStore image can be password protected using the SQL database product's password protection feature.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: September 23, 2015