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KB10287 - How does the TatukGIS PixelStore system work? Could a single PixelStore mosaic handle 40GB of imagery data?

The content of this KB is obsolete and can contain inaccurate information

Yes. PixelStore creates one "virtual" tiled image, with the tiles organized into a SQL database hierarchy. Images stored to the PixelStore system are divided into tiles, each with 512x512 pixels. Each tile is compressed independently using PNG or JPEG format compression. Any screen view is normally derived from portions of only four tiles, resulting in very good performance with even the largest image datasets.

A Pixelstore image can be configured to any TatukGIS supported SQL database product, e.g., Access/MSJET (which is included with Microsoft Windows), MSSQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, Interbase, DB2, Firebird, etc.

Regarding the MSJET database engine, becuase of its 2 GB size limit, this is not an option for PixelStore layers with more than approximately 1.5 GB of data - after the JEPG or PNG compression. (So, with compression, an MSJET based PixelStore file might hold up to approximately 6 GB of uncompressed image data.

Theoretically there is no size limit with the PixelStore format when running on the more powerful SQL server database engines.
Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: December 03, 2015