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KB10299 - Using CorelDraw to create CGM symbols for use with TatukGIS software.

Prepare symbol as usual CorelDraw and export to CGM in format MIL-D-28003 (CALS) or MIL-D-28003A (CALS).

When using CorelDraw to create CGM symbols for use in TatukGIS products, we suggest using only basic shapes because the TatukGIS CGM implementation supports only RECTANGLE, RECT, POLYGON, LINE, CIRCLE, ARCCTR, ELLIPSE and ELLIPARC. If unsure, just export the CGM to text format, which will provide the CGM in clear text format. This will permits viewing, and even editing, the symbol using a normal text editor.

Created: June 24, 2004, Modified: December 21, 2015