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KB10318 - Please explain the TatukGIS licensing policy for the DK and Internet Server products?

The content of this KB is obsolete and can contain inaccurate information

1. Developer Kernel (DK) product. The DK is licensed on the basis of one license per each user (typically a software developer) who uses the DK product in any way. The DK license allows the DK licensed user to develop and deploy (such as the sale to third parties) compiled, stand-alone, final-user PC-based applications free of the payment of any run-time distribution royalties to TatukGIS. If the DK is used, however, to develop a server application, the licensing requires the payment of a DK Server Deployment Royalty fee for each server computer to which the DK based server application is deployed, including back-up servers, multiple server configurations, etc. For more guidance on what is and what is not a DK server situation, refer to Knowledge Base item KB10742.

The DK licensing forbids the use of the DK to i) create of a product that can be used for development purposes (such as a component for use by other application developers or a GIS application that exposes the DK API, such as via scripting) or to ii) develop a product that is competitive to the TatukGIS Editor product. For more information about the Editor non competition restriction, refer to Knowledge Base item KB10707.

One DK server development option is to use the DK-VCL edition with the IntraWeb web development environment, which is supported via the TatukGIS DK-VCL+IntraWeb Component which is packaged with the retail DK-VCL (source code version) edition. As with any use of the DK product for a server application, the payment of a DK Server Deployment Royalty fee is required for each deployment of a DK-VCL + IntraWeb solution to a server computer. Refer to Knowledge Base KB10752 for more information about how to access the DK-VCL-IntraWeb Component.

2. Internet Server (IS) product. The TatukGIS Internet Server is a ready-to-go, ASP.NET based, GIS web server. The IS product is offered as a full version and as a less expensive LITE version. The IS product (both versions) is licensed per each server computer to which an IS/IS LITE based solution is deployed. The purchase of one IS/IS LITE license per each deployment server is required regardless of whether it is a production server, back-up server, or multiple servers in a cluster or load balancing configuration. However, multiple IS/IS LITE based applications can be run on the same server computer under a single license.

TatukGIS provides the TatukGIS Internet Server Developer Edition for use of the IS product on a development computer. The IS Developer Edition, and not the IS retail edition, should be used on any develpment computer/server (so that the activation is not counted as the license deployment).

The TatukGIS Internet Server Developer Edition is also available to licensed developers using the DK-VCL, DK.NET, and DK-ActiveX products with an activate maintenance support plan. This allows a DK licensed developer to work with the IS product in development mode. Then the DK licensed developer can wiat to purchase IS license until the finished IS based application is developed and ready to deploy.

For information on the technical aspects of using the DK versus the IS product for a GIS web server solution, refer to Knowledge Base items KB10456 and KB10457.
Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: December 03, 2015