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KB10382 - Using an animation layer in the DK.

The DK offers a map layer on which you can place objects (points) which can be moved around under program control with no screen refreshes. We refer to this as an in-memory layer (TGIS_LayerVector). Every shape in an in-memory layer is editable. The DK can write data to in-memory layers extremely fast. Follow this procedure:

  •  Screen caching turned on
  •  Cashing for the layer(s) holding the floating (moving) points turned off
  •  The layer(s) containing the moving points must be the top most layers.

Be careful that your map project file does not override the viewer settings.

Refer to the DK In-Memory sample (located in DK sample set #1) for guidance.

In-memory layer is particularly useful for situations requiring dynamic map updates, such as with multi-vehicle GPS tracking.

Created: December 17, 2004, Modified: August 05, 2015