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KB10406 - A tool to create *.ttkgp project files.

We offer the free TatukGIS Viewer application. The free Viewer (as well as the desktop TatukGIS Editor) is perfect for creating TatukGIS project files, including all visual layer properties for each layer of a multi-layer project.

Using the DK toolkit, creating/saving of a project file is also simple. It is just a matter of calling the following DK functions, which will create a *.ttkgp project file that can accommodate all layer orientated and global properties supported by the DK.

  • SaveProject
  • SaveProjectAs
  • RebuildProject

If using an older version of the DK (pre v.8), the procedure to create a *.ttkgp file is slightly more difficult, requiring the use of some code and the Build method. Here is an example:

   Map : TGIS_ViewerWnd;
   ll : TGIS_LayerVector;
 //open empty project file< br>    Map.Open('project.ttkgp');

   //Add some layers
   ll := TGIS_LayerVector.Create ;
   ll.Path := 'states.shp';
   ll.Name := 'States';
   //set some parameters
   ll.UseConfig := False ;
   ll.Params.Line.OutlineWidth := 0;
   ll.Params.Line.Width := 3;
   ll.Params.Line.Color := clBlue;

   ll := TGIS_LayerVector.Create ;
   ll.Path := 'rivers.dxf';
   ll.Name := 'Rivers';


   //Build project file, save all layers configuration
   if Assigned(Map) then begin
   for i:=0 to Map.Items.Count - 1 do begin
     Map.Items[i].WriteConfig( True );


Created: January 11, 2005, Modified: August 05, 2015