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KB10410 - TGIS_LayerSqlAbstract class structure for handling SQL database vector layers.

The TGIS_LayerSQLAbstract base class (for native TatukGIS SQL Layers) uses these tables:

  • Master - named ttkGisLayerSQL in which information about any layer is stored in the database
  • Geometry - layername_GEO in which geometry blob in native format and extent are stored
  • Feature - layername_FEA in which attributes of the feature are stored.
  • Index - layername_IDX in which RTree spatial index is stored (for Sqlite only)
  • Log - named ttkGISLayerLOG and layername_LOG in which logged layer operations are stored (for Sqlite only)
  • Project - named ttkGISProject in which projects are stored (for Sqlite only)
  • Style - named ttkGISStyle in which layer styles are stored  (for Sqlite only)

The three main tables (Master, Geometry and Feature) are joined by UID fields. Other tables are specific for Sqlite database.

The TatukGIS SQL Layer format is compatible with most database products. Refer to KB10639.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: September 25, 2015