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KB10432 - Calculating distance between two points on an unprojected map layer in the DK.

Distances cannot be calculated directly from an unprojected map, because, without a projection, there are no distance (linear) units (the unprojected map units are angular decimal/degrees).

One solution is to create a separate Project Object inside your DK application just for the purpose of projecting, on-the-fly, the unprojected coordinate sets from your map into a projected coordinate system to allow the distance to be calculated between the coordinates. This is how thr TatukGIS scale component is working, which is why the scale shows distances in meters even if the map is unprojected.

Another option is to use the DK or desktop TatukGIS Editor to convert and save your map to a projected geographic coordinate system, from which distances can easily be calculated.

Created: December 08, 2004, Modified: July 28, 2015