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KB10456 - Client-server and web-server development options.

  1. TatukGIS DK for ASP.NET edition. With an ASP.NET control supporting the full TatukGIS object API, the DK.ASPNET is designed for Web GIS server development. Features include optimized performance for serving bitmap images, pure .NET code, HTML5 support for smooth, multi-touch compatibility across web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and platforms (iOS iPhone & iPad, MacOS, Android phone and tablets, Windows Mobile devices, etc.), and rich client-side map editing and drawing that can be customized using the included JavaScript API.
  2. TatukGIS DK for Delphi edition. The DK.Delphi may be used to develop a client-server or web-server application. A DK.Delphi developer can use the source code to customize the bitmap serving procedure to optimize performance for a web server environment. One option for client-server and web server development is to use the DK.Delphi with the IntraWeb development environment, which TatukGIS supports by packaging a special Component for IntraWeb with the DK.Delphi license package.
  3. TatukGIS DK.NET or DK.ActiveX editions. The DK.NET and DK.ActiveX editions are appropriate to develop client-server applications. While these editions can also be used to develop a web bitmap image server, they are not designed for this purpose. The DK.NET and DK.ActiveX lack the ASP.NET control, HTML5 support, JavaScript API, and are not optimized for best performance with serving bitmap images.
  4. The highly customizable TatukGIS Editor can be used as a thick client in client-server or web server configuration featuring DK based software running on the server side. Among other possibilities, the Editor (and any DK developed application) supports the OGC WMS, WFS, TMS, and WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) protocols for streaming map layers or data from a source on the web.
Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: February 28, 2018