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KB10458 - DK editing operations for vector formats.

The DK includes an Editor class that can be used to implement basic editing functionality. A user interface for this class supports editing with use of the mouse cursor. Any DK write-supported vector format (SHP, MID/MIF, TAB, DXF, GML, KML ...) and SQL database vector layers can be edited.

The basic editing functionality includes creating, moving, or deleting point vectors, editing or deleting vertices composing line and polygon vector shapes, creating and editing new point, multi-point, line and polygon vectors, etc., with mouse clicks. A simple vector editor is provided as a DK download sample (refer to DK sample set #1). It should be relatively easy for a DK developer to add additional or more advanced editing functionality, such as editing by coordinates, etc.

Created: December 17, 2004, Modified: July 29, 2015