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KB10516 - Support for 3rd party software map project files.

TatukGIS products open most incidences of the following 3rd-party project files:

  • ESRI ArcView v.3 *.apr project file
  • ESRI ArcExplorer *.aep project file
  • MapInfo Professional *.wor (workspace) project file
  • QGIS *.qgs project file

Generally such 3rd party projects can be opened in TatukGIS software with colors, fills, line widths, labels, and other map style details. With the TatukGIS Editor or free TatukGIS Viewer, open the 3rd party project file using menu File / Open. The open project can then be saved as a TatukGIS *.ttkgp project file.

The newer generation of ESRI products - ArcGIS/ArcView/ArcMap - use the *.mxd project file. Though TatukGIS products do not directly open *.mxd files, ArcGIS/ArcMap users can use the free Arc2TatukGIS plug-in to ArcGIS to export projects from ArcGIS/ArcMap (versions 9 & 10) as TatukGIS *.ttkgp project files.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: April 11, 2016