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KB10551 - Add high resolution map printing to a DK based application.

For high resolution printing from vector map data, we recommend two options:

  1. Visit www.wptools.com to order the wPDF engine. This engine will allow you to produce PDF files natively from your DK-VCL or DK-ActiveX compiled application. (The DK.NET edition does not support the wPDF engine.) There are license options for desktop and server applications.
  2. Use PDF printer driver (for example from www.fineprint.com). The price is less than with the first option, but the printer driver must be installed on every computer on which your DK application is deployed.

The quality of both engines is similar. Both provide excellent results when printing from vector map data. Option 1 allows the embedding of PDF printing into the DK application.

With option 1, the wPDF vendor will send you an activation code. This code can then be used to enable the TGIS_PrinterPDF device in the DK-VCL or DK-ActiveX. When making the purchase of either product, please mention that you are purchasing for use with the TatukGIS Developer Kernel.

For printing from raster image data, the DK ExportToImage function (so without PDF) represents the best option. This is because the PDF option with raster image data uses a low-high quality JPEG image.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: November 01, 2015