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KB10583 - Animated rendering colors, sizes, etc. of 100,000+ objects updated each second.

TatukGIS uses what we call an 'In-memory' layer (TGIS_LayerVector) to perform the animation. Lines, points, and polygon shapes may be created on this layer using your own logic or data can be imported from existing sources using the built-in DK ImportLayer method. Every shape in an in-memory layer is editable. The DK writes data to an in-memory very, very quickly.

​Follow this procedure:

  • Screen caching turned on
  • The layer(s) containing the in-memory temporary animated representation must be the top-most layer.
  • Cashing for the in-memory layer(s) holding the floating (moving) points turned off

Be careful the project file does not override the viewer settings.

Refer to the DK In-memory sample (located in DK sample set #1) for guidance. This sample shows the animated representation of moving objects in the in-memory layer, but the logic is similar to animating using colors and sizes.

An in-memory layer can also be created in the TatukGIS Editor by using a script.

For more on in-memory ver​us on-disk layers, refer to ​KB10327.

Created: December 17, 2004, Modified: November 03, 2015