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KB10595 - Misspellings and common abbreviation mistakes with geocoded street address querying.

The default DK geocoded address standardization (parsing) functionality does not resolve the error when a user enters an incorrect (misspelled) street name or a non-matching abbreviation. But the DK developer can enhance the default functionality by:

1) Defining a dictionary of common abbreviations with synonym lists for use in the query. This can allow a query to work, for example, regardless of whether the user enters:

  • ‘street’, ‘st’, or ‘str’
  • ‘court’ or ‘ct’
  • ‘South’, ‘So’, or ‘S’

2) Incorporating a soundex algorithm to help with street name mispellings. Soundex algorithms are available and tend to be language specific (which explains why the DK does not include this by default).

Created: December 21, 2004, Modified: September 11, 2015