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KB10610 - Copy visual layer property settings from a layer to another layer.

The Editor and free Viewer include time saving features to quickly and easily copy visual design properties (colors, styles, labels, fonts, symbols, etc.) of one layer to another layer (which can be entirely different from the first layer).

Method 1

  • Use the Editor Viewer to save the visual property settings of the first layer to a layer style (.ttkstyle) file. (Support for .ttkstyle files was introduced in Editor/Viewer version 5 and DK version 11.)
  • Copy and rename the .ttkstyle file to match the name of the second layer, and
  • place the .ttkstyle file in the folder with the second layer file.

Note that each layer and its corresponding .ttkstyle file must share a common name ‘[layer name].ttkls.ttkstyle’ and folder.

This method also works with the Developer Kernel 11.

Method 2

  • Select (highlight) the layer with visual property settings in the Legend panel,
  • use the Layer / Save layer properties menu to save the layer properties configuration to an *.ini file,
  • select in the Legend a second layer to which the properties are to be applied,
  • use the Layer / Load layer properties menu to select the saved *.ini file, and
  • apply this layer properties configuration to the layer.

Method 3

  • Select and right click on a layer in the Legend panel, and
  • Select either the Save layer properties or the Load layer properties option from the list that appears to the right of the cursor.
Created: March 09, 2005, Modified: September 26, 2018