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KB10614 - Obtain and start using a product under a purchased license.

Download retail version

When the purchase payment is received and processed by TatukGIS, the login registration account of the declared licensed user becomes activated with download access to current and future retail versions of the purchased product. The registered licensed user can download the retail version by logging in (under the licensed user's registration e-mail address) to the Downloads / My Products page of the TatukGIS web site, where download links appear for each product available to the user. Often the most recent final release retail version and a more recent 'UNSTABLE' retail version (with latest changes for testing purposes) are both available for download; a licensed user with the active maintenance may download and use either version, or both versions.

If the user has forgotten or does not have the log-in password, this can be obtained using forgotten password link on the log-in screen.

If a link to the retail version of the purchased product is not visible on the Downloads / My Products page, it means the user account is not presently activated with product access. If the license is new, this may be because TatukGIS has not yet received and processed the purchase payment or the purchaser has not yet declared the licensed user. If the license was purchased some time ago, consider if the support/upgrades maintenance for the license is still active.

Be careful not to mix up user log-in accounts (e-mail addresses)!

Obtain serial number

If the product requires a serial number to run (most products do), the TatukGIS server automatically sends an e-mail with the activation serial number to the licensed user’s registration email address each time the program is downloaded. The serial number is specific to the user and to the product version. The serial number typically begins with the user’s e-mail address followed by a string of 15 or more characters (and is not to be confused with the log-in password).

If the e-mail with serial number is not received, verify the anti-spam filter is allowing e-mail from @tatukgis.com addresses.


The installation procedure is easy – just follow the step-by-step instructions. At some point during installation on a new computer, the serial number is required. Enter (or copy and paste) precisely the same serial number that was sent when the program version was downloaded. The serial number may change between product versions.


If the program requires activation (most do), it automatically attempts to activate itself via the internet. If internet activation is not possible, the program will display further instructions how to perform the activation without active internet access.

For activation related help or to report a problem to TatukGIS, refer to knowledge base item KB10823.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: July 19, 2018