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KB10615 - How to get a pro forma invoice

The content of this KB is obsolete and can contain inaccurate information

A pro forma invoice is made available to the buyer immediately after the on-line purchase order procedure is performed via the TatukGIS web site. If the intent is to first perform the purchase order and then complete the transaction (perform the payment) only if/when the purchase is approved by your organization, select either the bank wire transfer or credit card off-line/fax payment method when entering the purchase order. If the purchase approval is ultimately not obtained, simply notify TatukGIS that you wish to cancel the pending purchase order.

The pro forma invoice can also be used as price quotation in situations requring a quotation. 

A commercial invoice documenting the transaction is provided when the purchase payment is received. 
Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: May 10, 2011