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KB10619 - Coordinate system naming consistent with EPSG codes & WKT definitions.

TatukGIS products (DK, desktop Editor, free Viewer, and Coordinate Calculator) feature state-of-the-art coordinate system support with thousands of predefined coordinate systems and hundreds of projections and datums. Coordinate system naming is consistent with EPSG codes and OpenGIS WKT coordinate system definitions.

More can be learned about EPSG/WKT codes from these on-line resources:


An easy way to quickly check that a specific coordinate system is supported is check for it in the coordinate systems drop down lists using the TatukGIS free GIS Viewer (found under menu File / Coordinate Systems) or free Coordinate Calculator products. The drop down lists come with a handy search tool that makes finding a coordinate system easy. Type in a few letters of the name and the coordinate system is quickly found.

Created: September 14, 2005, Modified: January 05, 2016