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KB10663 - Create or edit holes in polygon shapes.

Holes inside an already existing polygon shape may be created by adding a polygon forming the hole as a part of the original polygon shape. The procedure using the TatukGIS Editor is:

  1. Select in editing mode (edit tool selected and layer to be edited highlighted in the Legend panel) the polygon to which the hole is to be added.
  2. Select the Shape / Add Part menu.
  3. Use one of the editing modes to draw the polygon to represent the hole as a part of the original polygon.
  4. Complete the new part by clicking on the Edit tool icon.

The entirety of the hole should be inside the original polygon.

The newly formed polygon part representing the hole is created with reverse (counter-clockwise) winding, i.e., the numbered vertices forming the hole are in counter-clockwise order. Normal polygon shapes are always wound in clockwise order.

A second way to create a hole(s) in a polygon is use the Editor clipboard features to subtract one set of geometry from a second set of geometry.

Created: December 29, 2005, Modified: September 15, 2015