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KB10675 - SQL layers use MS Access 97 database instead of newer Access versions.

When Microsoft Access is selected as the SQL layer storage database, TatukGIS products generate new files by default to the Access 97 (MSJET) database format due to compatibility reasons. This is because Access 97 was the last version of Access packaged by default with the Windows operating system. Later versions of Access were distributed only with Microsoft Office. Therefore, if TatukGIS generated files to a later version of MS Access, the procedure would not work on any Windows computer without MS Office installed. (Another issue is Microsoft never upgraded MSJET to support 64-bits.)

Although TatukGIS saves by default to Access 97, the software can read (open) SQL layer files stored in later versions of Access.

There are two options for converting Access 97 SQL layer files to a newer version of Access:

  1. ​Do this within Access, or
  2. Configure the database connector to generate files directly to any TatukGIS supported database and database layer format. Refer to KB10765 for guidance on connecting to various supported databases and database layer formats.

For local SQL database storage, TatukGIS recommends the free SQLite database engine. SQLite is faster than Access/MSJET, without the MSJET 2 GB maximum size limitation, and supports the 64-bit platform.

Created: January 20, 2006, Modified: October 22, 2019