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KB10678 - Render labels and other map features based on scale/zoom ranges.

The map appearance of labels, symbols, or vector objects can be rendered differently (label size, font, color, outline, etc.), or not rendered at all, based on scale ranges (zoom level) using the Section feature provided in the visual layer properties control (in the Developer Kernel, Editor, and free Viewer products).

Steps to apply Sections to render labels based on scale:

  • Double click on a layer in the Legend panel to open the layer properties window for that layer.
  • Select the Section tab window within the layer properties window.
  • Zoom in/out on the map to the level at which you wish to start rendering labels in a particular way.
  • Click on the ' + ' button near the bottom of the Section tab window to create a new section. (Do not remove the default section, which is typically named Visible.)
  • Click on the Minimum scale and/or the Maximum scale settings as necessary to define the scale range for which the special rendering instructions are to be applied.
  • With the newly created Section near the bottom of the window highlighted, select the Label tab and specify how labels are to be rendered within the specified scale range. For example, to change the size of the text in the labels, adjust the label font size setting.
  • Return to the Section tab and click on the "+" button near the bottom of the Section window to create the next section.
  • When finished, click on the OK button to apply changes and close the layer properties window.

Multiple sections based on multiple scale ranges can be set up in this way to customize any aspect of vector map rendering based on scale. Important is the upper-most section has a maximum scale setting and the lower-most section has a minimum scale setting. Each section between must have both a maximum and minimum scale setting to define the scale range for which the section is applicable.

Scale ranges can be applied in combination with an attribute query. Refer to the logical query feature in the Section tab window. In this way, scale based rendering can be limited only to shapes in the layer that satisfy an attribute query definition.

Refer to the on-line Editor/Viewer on-line tutorials, video tutorials, and helpfile for more about the Section feature.

Created: February 08, 2006, Modified: April 11, 2016