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KB10686 - Microsoft warning that TatukGIS Editor or Viewer is attempting to access the internet or e-mail client.

TatukGIS final user products contain two features which could trigger this warning. These are the automatic Check-for-Updates and the Bug Reporting features described below. Both features are for legitimate communication with TatukGIS and are standard features used by many software products, including Microsoft products.

Check for Update feature:
The TatukGIS Editor and free Viewer products include a feature to automatically check via the internet with the TatukGIS web site for the availability of a newer version of the product. This can be useful because TatukGIS regularly provides free product updates with new features and fixes. The program automatically performs a check-for-update every seven days if the program is in regular use. The user can easily deactivate the automatic check-for-update by unchecking the Autocheck feature under the Help / Check for update menu. The user can also customize how often checks are performed.

Bug Reporting Feature:
The TatukGIS Editor and free Viewer include the EurekaLog (www.eurekalog.com) bug/error reporting tool. In the event an error is encountered during use of the program, the EurekaLog reporting tool attempts to send TatukGIS an e-mail with necessary details to enable TatukGIS to replicate and fix the error in the next product update. EurekaLog attempts to send the e-mail using the default e-mail client on the user's computer. Typically the e-mail client alerts the user that the program is trying to send an e-mail and presents an option to allow or disallow sending the e-mail. Please allow any such e-mails to be sent to TatukGIS. This is more effective than manually explaining the nature of a software bug to TatukGIS. When TatukGIS receives an EurekaLog e-mail documenting a bug, there is a high probability of the bug being fixed in the next product update.

Created: March 11, 2006, Modified: September 17, 2015