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KB10709 - Export multiple geometry types (points, lines, polygons) from multiple SHP layers to a single KML file.

Each SHP file, of course, is limited to data of a single geometry type (points, multi-points, lines, or polygons), whereas KML files can hold multiple geometry types together in the same file.

Using the TatukGIS Editor product, the procedure to combine all the exported data into a single KML files is:

  • Export the data from each SHP layer into a separate KML file.
  • Use the Layer Merge feature to merge each of the KML layers, one-by-one, into a single KML file.
The procedure is the same for exporting SHP data to other file types, such as DXF or GML, which also allow storage of multiple shape types in a single map file.
Created: September 04, 2006, Modified: August 24, 2011