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KB10711 - Smart Size feature in TatukGIS products.

The Smart Size feature allows setting a visual size below which shapes (vector lines or polygons) in the layer are not rendered on the map. This can significantly reduce time required to open and render a map layer as well as reduce map clutter. The idea is to avoid wasting computational resources on rendering shapes that are, anyway, too small to be visually meaningful at a given map scale (zoom level).

The easiest way to set a Smart Size in TatukGIS products is via the visual layer properties control. Select the layer in the Legend and use the Layer / Properties menu to open the visual layer properties dialog box. The Smart Size setting for a line layer is under the Line / Smart size tab and for a polygon layer under the Area / Smart size tab. A Smart Size setting is saved to the TatukGIS project.

Tip: A good starting Smart Size setting can be "1px". This size results in not rendering any objects that, at the current map scale, would be less than the size of one full screen pixel.

Smart Size can also be set in the DK product using code. Because, however, the exact method using code can vary slightly between different DK product editions, setting Smart Size in the layer properties is generally recommended.

A general example of setting the Smart Size in the DK using code is:

  Layer.Params.Line.SmartSize = -1

Created: September 07, 2006, Modified: January 19, 2016