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KB10716 - How can I improve the speed of the Editor/Viewer with my data?

1. With vector layers, ensure that a reasonable 'Smart Size' setting is selected. A suggested default Smart Size is one pixel (1px). Use of this feature can dramatically enhance the speed of opening large vector files and the speed when panning at relatively zoomed out view levels. Smart Size is a visual layer property setting. For more on the Smart Size feature, refer to KB10711.

2. With vector layers, ensure that the R-tree spatial indexing feature is enabled. Although use of this feature will make a file open more slowly on the first opening (because the R-tree index file must be created upon the first opening), use of the R-tree feature can dramatically increase the speed of zooming and panning operations with large files at relatively closer zoom levels. The R-tree feature is an application level setting and is controlled via the Tools/Options/Map menu. For more on R-tree, refer to KB10279.

3. With raster image layers or large vector map layers, enable the Incremental Paint feature at the application level (controlled via the Tools/Options/Map menu). With raster image layers, enable Incremental Paint at the application level but turn off the Incremental Paint feature at the layer level (controlled via the visual layer properties settings for each layer). For more on Incremental Paint, refer to KB10540.

4. With very large raster image layers, consider converting the image data into the TatukGIS PixelStore format. PixelStore can be much faster because the image is seamlessly (invisibly) organized as image tiles held in an SQL database. For more on PixelStore, refer to: http://www.tatukgis.com/faq/book/bp8.aspx
Created: October 10, 2006, Modified: November 03, 2015