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KB10751 - A project with layers stored on server opens fine on one computer but not when copied to another computer.

Probably the file paths on the second computer are set up differently than on the first computer. For example, the folder on the server containing the map layer might be mapped as drive “G” on the first computer and mapped as drive “H” on the second computer. In this situation, there are two options to open the project on the second computer.

1. Open this file as a new layer and add to the project. As a new layer, however, any visual layer property settings will not transfer from the old layer to the new layer and must be reset.

2. Use Notepad to edit the *.ttkgp (TatukGIS project file) to correct the file path in the project file to this layer. (Search for the ‘PATH=’.) Then the layer will open with all visual layer property settings remembered.

Of course, if you are frequently moving TatukGIS projects between two particular computers, such complications can be avoided by setting up identical file paths on the two computers.

Created: April 06, 2007, Modified: September 25, 2015