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KB10754 - Unique product code for Internet Server license deployed to each server in multiple license situations.

The content of this KB is obsolete and can contain inaccurate information

NOTE: The Internet Server product was discontinued and replaced by the Developer Kernel ASP.NET edition (which is licensed differently) in January 2014. For details, refer to the TatukGIS News article dated January 29, 2014.‚Äč

The Internet Server (IS) product is licensed by server (computer) and each IS license is provided with a specific product code that is only for use with the server computer to which that license is assigned. Always be careful to keep up with which product code is associated with which license and server. Do not mix these up. A purchase of a 2nd IS license has no influence on an earlier purchased IS license.

In multiple IS license situations, the product code for the most recently purchased IS license is provided when the IS retail version is downloaded following the purchase. This makes it relatively easy to know which product code goes with which IS license/server.

The right to update the IS to a new version on a specific server depends on whether or not the support/upgrade maintenance for the license registered to that server is active, i.e., paid up. The original license purchase includes access to product upgrades and support for only the first 12 months. Each 12-month maintenance continuation for each license must be purchased separately.

The only exception regarding the product code is with purchase of a 5 or 10 IS license pack, which is a single license for deploying the IS product to 5 or 10 servers. With a 5 or 10 IS license pack, a single product code is provided for activating the IS on each of the 5 or 10 servers covered by that license.

Created: May 21, 2007, Modified: June 25, 2019