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KB10764 - TatukGIS specific or internal data formats.

The only TatukGIS specific data formats are the TatukGIS SQL Layer (native) for vector layer database storage and the TatukGIS PixelStore format for raster layer database storage. Use of these formats with TatukGIS software is optional. These two formats are supported only for the utility and convenience of TatukGIS customers.

The TatukGIS support for all other vector, raster, and SQL layer data formats is "native", which means the software directly opens the file without any import procedure or conversion of the data to any sort of internal format. TatukGIS supports most industry standard data formats in this manor. To the extent reasonably possible, TatukGIS strives to support openly documented data formats as well as proprietary formats used by other GIS and CAD software products.

TatukGIS supported data formats are listed on the Product / Features & Specifications pages of the TatukGIS web site.

Created: July 18, 2007, Modified: September 28, 2015