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KB10768 - Tips for smooth customer working relationship with TatukGIS.

  1. Set up the user registration account in the TatukGIS system with full and accurate information, providing a good working e-mail address, and safe-list addresses in your e-mail client. The first e-mail from TatukGIS will provide the user account log-in password.
  2. To avoid confusion, use a single e-mail address for the account registration and all correspondence with TatukGIS. This is particularly important for licensed customers, because the TatukGIS support system automatically prioritizes e-mail received from registered licensed user addresses over e-mail from 'unknown' addresses. Retail product download and activation are possible only via the licensed user registration log-in. In the event of a need to change the registration e-mail address, contact with details.
  3. For efficient communication, do not address or copy technical support mail to multiple addresses.
  4. Particularly for the Developer Kernel (which is licensed by named registered developer), ensure the developer using the product under each license is accurately registered to the license in the TatukGIS customer database. This gives the licensed developer direct download and activation access to the current and future retail product versions and e-mail access to technical support. The DK licensed developer can be declared during the on-line purchase procedure or by sending the relevant information to With the desktop Editor (final user) product as well, registering each user individually enables the user with direct download/activation access to each new retail product version and can make for easier license management.
  5. If the license owner (or representative) is different than one or more licensed users (always the case with multiple user license situations), also register an administrative person to the customer account to act as the license owner. The administrator can be one of the product licensed users, but often is not. The administrator handles matters such as assigning or reassigning licenses to registered users, performing purchases relating to all owned licenses, etc., and is generally recognized by TatukGIS as the authorized representative of the customer (the license owner). Purchase transactions relating to multiple licenses (such as annual maintenance renewal with volume price discount) can only be performed via the administrator log-in account. The administrator, unless also a licensed user, is not enabled to download or use the product.
  6. Before contacting technical support, check for the answer in the searchable knowledge base on the TatukGIS web site. Many answers to questions previously asked by customers and evaluators are available there. When requesting product technical support, please follow these guidelines.
  7. TatukGIS rarely sends mass e-mail notifications. To stay informed about new product releases, updates, bug fixes, etc., take advantage of the TatukGIS Facebook and Twitter accounts or RSS feature. Use the Check for Update feature (located under the product Help menu) to check anytime with the TatukGIS server for availability of a newer product version.
  8. Except for limited exceptions, TatukGIS supports and maintains download access only to the latest retail version of each product, and only and for licensed users with active support/upgrades maintenance. Any customer choosing to continue using an obsolete product version should keep their own back-up copy of the installation version as insurance in the event of a hardware failure, etc.
Created: September 03, 2007, Modified: January 25, 2016