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KB10791 - Support for road/street map data from leading vendors.

TatukGIS products have been tested, and found to work properly, with map data (including street/road map centerline elevation data) products licensed by a number of leading commercial vendors, including NavTeq (www.navteq.com), TomTom (www.tomtom.com), AND Automotive Navigation Data (www.and.com), DeLorme (http://delorme.com/), ADCi (www.adci.com), and GFK Geomarketing (www.gfk.com).

Ideally the vendor will offer the data set as a TatukGIS map project (i.e., with a TatukGIS *.ttkgp or *.ttkproject file), so the TatukGIS software can open the data with full colors, line widths, polygons fills, labels, and other map style information. Without a project, TatukGIS software default renders vector data without styling (as thin black lines, etc.).

Because TatukGIS products support some 3rd-party software project files, a workaround can be to request the data in one of the following forms:

  • SHP format as an ESRI ArcView v.3 (*.apr) project
  • SHP format as an ESRI Map Explorer (*.aep) project
  • SHP format as a QGIS (*.qgs) project, or
  • TAB format as a MapInfo (*.wor) project.

Support for these 3rd party project files enables the TatukGIS software to open the data as a proper looking map (with style information), which can then be saved to a TatukGIS (*.ttkgp or *ttkproject) project file. Just like with a TatukGIS project, use File / Open menu (TatukGIS Editor and Viewer) to open the 3rd party project file.

Another option is to ask the map vendor to use the free Arc2TatukGIS plug-in to ESRI ArcGIS software to export a given ArcGIS/ArcMap project to a TatukGIS project. The Arc2TatukGIS plug-in is compatible with ArcGIS/ArcMap versions 9 & 10 and available from TatukGIS as a free download. If you license ArcGIS/ArcMap software, you can use Arc2TatukGIS to do the same, provided the vendor provides the required ArcGIS *.mxd project file.

If a data set is not available as a TatukGIS project or a supported 3rd-party project, the TatukGIS map project must be created. The desktop TatukGIS Viewer (free) and Editor products are excellent for this task - and much more.

Created: February 24, 2008, Modified: October 16, 2020