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KB10806 - DK-CF performance compared to a dedicated GPS street map navigation solution.

These are such different products (different classes of products) that performance comparison is pointless. The TatukGIS DK Compact Framework (DK-CF) edition is a general purpose SDK (component) for the development of GIS applications for any device running the Windows Mobile/CE/PocketPC operating systems. A dedicated GPS street map navigation application need not be compliant with GIS standards nor run on the Windows Mobile/CE operating system, and can be optimized to perform one task (GPS based street navigation) with a dedicated map dataset and computing device.
  • Map rendering
    A DK-CF application renders “natively” a number of supported GIS map data formats, often organized as multi-layer projects. Each map view is rendered on-the-fly for any given scale and point of view and dynamically reflecting underlying data connected to individual map features, etc., all in a GIS compliant manner. A single purpose GPS navigation application can be optimized for a single map data set with the map rendered as a simple picture presentation, without regard for GIS standards.
  • Precision
    A DK-CF application delivers GIS-standard precision by use of float coordinate values. This requires significant computational resources. A single-purpose GPS navigation device can be designed to maximize speed at the expense of precision by using truncated coordinate values (optimized integer format). While this minimizes the computational requirements, a 10 meter or greater precision drift is not uncommon.
  • Memory
    The DK-CF is designed so that the map rendering consumes as little RAM as possible, because of i) the limited memory of Windows Mobile/CE computing devices, ii) the map is often just a part of a larger solution running on the mobile computing device that involves other applications which also consume memory, and iii) potentially other functionality performed by the DK-CF application (other than just map rendering). A dedicated street navigation application can have priority on all the memory and can be paired with a device designed with the amount of memory the application requires for efficient performance.
  • Hardware
    The DK-CF is for the development of applications specifically for Windows Mobile/CE/PocketPC operating systems. Situations may require the DK-CF application to run on legacy devices with slow processors and other technical limitations, as well as limited RAM. A dedicated GPS navigation application can be optimized for a single computing device with whatever processor the application requires for efficient performance.
  • Source code
    A DK-CF application is developed in Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. A single-purpose GPS navigation application can be developed in native code. Native code is inherently faster than .NET Compact Framework.
  • API
    The DK-CF API includes a portfolio of GIS related functionalities - much more than just the map presentation - a subset of which can be incorporated into any given DK-CF developed application. A dedicated navigation solution is limited to a narrow set of features designed for a specific task.
Due to the above considerations, the map rendering performance of a DK-CF application running on a Windows Mobile/CE computing device will likely be slower than the map rendering performance of a dedicated, single-purpose GIS street navigation device. We believe that a DK-CF compiled application will, however, compare favorably with any other product in the same class, defined as a GIS compliant application running similar data on a Windows Mobile/CE O/S computing device - particularly when the TatukGIS project parameters are correctly optimized for the dataset.
Created: December 29, 2008, Modified: June 27, 2012