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KB10830 - TatukGIS PixelStore format.

The PixelStore format is a TatukGIS specific raster storage system designed to efficiently and affordably handle huge image and grid layers, which can be recognized by its *.TTKPS file name extension. A PixelStore image layer is one virtual tiled image, with the tiles organized into a SQL database hierarchy. Images stored to the PixelStore format are divided into 512x512 pixel tiles, with each tile compressed independently. Each map view is derived from the level of the hierarchy most closely matching the actual scale. Only a few tiles must be fetched from the database to present any given map view. The file type and compression level within a PixelStore file can be i) 8 or 24 bit JPEG compression (for gray scale and unlimited color aerial photos) or ii) 1, 4, 8, or 24 bit PNG (lostless) compression (for scanned maps and images with limited colors).

The PixelStore system can efficiently handle layers of practically any size, limited only by limitations of the database product and size of the hard disk. PixelStore works by default with the SQLite database (deployed with installation of the TatukGIS Editor) and Access/MSJET database (standard with 32-bit Windows operating system) on the local computer. PixelStore compatible databases are listed in knowledge base item KB10639. Guidance on connecting to a PixelStore layer on any supported server database is provided in knowledge base item KB10649.

PixelStore is supported by the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, desktop Editor, free Viewer (viewing only), and any custom application developed from the Developer Kernel component. To generate a PixelStore layer using the Editor product, refer to menu File / Export to image and associated helpfile documentation.

Creating and using PixelStore images does not involve any extra TatukGIS licensing costs.

Created: March 02, 2010, Modified: December 29, 2015